Did you know there are four types of co-dependency? They are Enabling, Avoidance, Enmeshed and Controlling. Co-dependency is a term that was used originally to describe those who were in relationships that involved substance abuse, but modern definitions of the term have evolved to encompass a wide range of scenarios.

Co-dependent happiness revolves completely around another person’s needs. This other person’s needs, both spiritually, physically, emotionally, and even financially may be totally unreasonable and usually totally unachievable.

A true co-dependent person will lose their entire sense of self-worth and self-perception to another person. The enabler becomes their entire reason for existing. The co-dependent person will forget to care for themselves because they are so focused on putting the needs of the enabler first.

On the whole, co-dependency involves two parties; the co-dependent and the enabler. The co-dependent depends on the enabler to structure their identity. They will depend on that individual for their physical, emotional, financial, and even their spiritual sense of self-worth.

Addiction often plays a big role in co-dependency. A true co-dependent is someone who cannot conceive of reality without the other person.

God Bless


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