There is nothing in the world more beautiful than a Godly married couple that knows how to complete each other. There is no force on this planet that can come between that couple. Unfortunately, most couples do not understand that. Nor do they know how to complete each other. That is one reason there is so many divorces in Christian homes.

God has designed us for Marriage. Most of us need that companionship. In fact, our Creator has so created us that we are not complete until we find our other half.

The absolute best thing any couple can do BEFORE they get married is to receive professional Christian premarital counseling. If you know of a couple that you care about, that is getting married. The best gift you could give them is Premarital Christian Counseling. That is not a guarantee that they will make it. But, it does greatly improve the odds for them.

I think it is absolutely crazy, that in our society you have to study and take a test to get a driver’s license or a boat driving license. But, to get a marriage license NOTHING is required. Additionally, a BAD marriage can do far more harm than the other things I mentioned.

If you are already married, but you did not go through Professional Christian Marriage Counseling. Let me encourage you to be proactive and do it now, Do not wait until your marriage is in trouble.

God Bless

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