People tell me the pain and agony they have when they are dealing with a narcissistic person. And unless you can think like a narcissist you will be run over and destroyed.

Narcissists are master manipulators and they figure out your weak spots and take advantage of them.

I am going to share a few ways that a Narcissist will play with your mind.

1. They will say things like, “I want you to learn how to trust me.” They will appear to be friendly and interested and supportive of you so that you will open up and tell them all about yourself. They want you to pour out your heart and soul to them. They may even take notes making you feel that they are really into you. But in reality, they will use those notes against you.

2. They will then begin to establish an upper hand over you. They will say things like, “Why did you do that that way. My way is better because I look at life better than you.”

3. They will begin to instill fear in you. They are very stubborn and judgmental. They will often become very angry. They want you to do what they tell you to do and that it will not be worth it to oppose them.

4. They will sabotage you behind your back. They will also isolate you because they do not want you to have any supporters. They will put you down and keep you down.

5. They will find your faults and they will hold them against you. They seem very understanding at first until they have you in their trap. Then later, they will use it against you. Plus, they will never forgive you.

6. They will often portray themselves as the victims who are blameless. They will say, “If something negative happens to me, you or someone did it to me first.”

7. They will tell you that you have heavy-duty obligations to them. They will tell you because of these heavy-duty obligations you must do, you have to do what they want you to do.

They want you to lose your own God-given uniqueness under them.

Here are a few things you can do;

1, Do not give them the reaction they want. Stay calm and steady. Do not be afraid to confront them and expose them for what they are. Tell them who you are and what you believe.

2. Do not be pulled into their arguments. Keep your boundaries and tell them that you have nothing more to say. Tell them that Yes means Yes, and No means No. Tell them that you see their games.

God Bless

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