Psychological Testing

Finding psychological testing centers that are affordable and reputable in northeast Alabama can be a challenge. At New Beginnings, Dr Steve Fain is a highly accomplished Psychologist who provides guidance through a Biblical, Christian view. You also get caring and competent testing in a safe and confidential setting.

We provide professional assessments for emotional, cognitive, personality, and academic concerns.

ADD/ ADHD Testing

Attention Deficit Disorder in kids is more common now than ever before. The ADD/ ADHD testing provides help and insight. Helping individuals and families.

Autism Spectrum Testing

Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ASD for short, is challenging for parents. We have the skills and experience test children and teens.

Bipolar 1 & 2 Testing

Bipolar disorder (extreme mood swings) affects the individual and those around them. We provide safe and confidential testing.

Behavioral Assessments…

It’s common knowledge that psychological evaluations are some of the best ways to uncover and identify a specific diagnosis. Combining tried and true techniques which are administered in a calm and comfortable setting, achieve the best assessments.

The difference between Christian psychological testing services and most secular services is that we incorporate biblically sound guidance and principles. By doing so, we get a more complete picture of the adults, teens, and kids we test.

We do psychological testing for things like ADD/ ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Depression, Suicidal and Bipolar testing for adults and children.

Let’s make some time…

Some of our clients say the hardest part was making the first call to us. Society stigmatizes therapy and unfortunately, many people who really need help coping and navigating through life’s challenges never get it. We promise to make your experience safe, welcoming, accepting, and beneficial. You’re not here by chance. God has a plan for you and you’re just a few moments away from taking the first step towards it.

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