Did you know there are four types of co-dependency? They are Enabling, Avoidance, Enmeshed and Controlling. Co-dependency is a term that was used originally to describe those who were in relationships that involved substance abuse, but modern definitions of the term have evolved to encompass a wide range of scenarios.

Co-dependent happiness revolves completely around another person’s needs. This other person’s needs, both spiritually, physically, emotionally, and even financially may be totally unreasonable and usually totally unachievable.

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The holiday season is beginning. And this time of year we can see a lot of people celebrating. But, while many people make merry there are those that struggle emotionally during this time of the year. We see more cases of people struggling with depression.

Yet, the worse thing we see is the suicide rate go up. Yes, for many people the holidays are not days of merriment. For many people the holidays carry many bad memories for different reasons.

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There is nothing in the world more beautiful than a Godly married couple that knows how to complete each other. There is no force on this planet that can come between that couple. Unfortunately, most couples do not understand that. Nor do they know how to complete each other. That is one reason there is so many divorces in Christian homes.

God has designed us for Marriage. Most of us need that companionship. In fact, our Creator has so created us that we are not complete until we find our other half.

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People tell me the pain and agony they have when they are dealing with a narcissistic person. And unless you can think like a narcissist you will be run over and destroyed.

Narcissists are master manipulators and they figure out your weak spots and take advantage of them.

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“Forgiveness” means that you give up your right to revenge.

Forgiveness is one of the major problems in the life of many Christian people. We are told by God’s Word that we must forgive each other, “…and forgiving one another if anyone has a complaint against another; even as Christ forgave you, so you also must do.” (Colossians 3:13). Yes, you read it right. We MUST forgive.

Forgiveness helps you! When we hold on to unforgiveness we are hurting ourselves. Jesus tells us that when we do not forgive someone then we are unable to be forgiven by God (Matt. 6:15).

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As a Christian fear can be used to stop both your spiritual and emotional growth. There may be times in your life when you knew that God wanted you to do something special.

I can say that today “fear” can be your worse enemy. Probably at the root of all your worries, frustration, and even at times anger and depression is FEAR! But fear is not of God.

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Our bodies respond to stress in different ways. And when you have too much stress your body can begin to show it in negative ways. Some people can even have strokes or heart attacks as a result of stress causing their blood pressure to go too high. Yes, stress has been called the silent killer.

Stress is a killer. There are two kinds of stress; good and bad. You may not realize it, but everything you do has some type of stress associated with it. The problem comes when you have to much stress in your life.

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There are many types of rejection that we all will face at different times in our life. As a child, you may have felt rejected by your Dad or your Mother. Maybe you even felt rejected by a sibling. Children often have to deal with rejection at school. That is one of the reasons computer internet games are so appealing to children. They do not get rejected!

Then, as you grow older you may feel the rejection of a boyfriend or girlfriend. Teens are willing to do almost anything to avoid the feeling of rejection. Even to the point of making stupid decisions that may affect the rest of their lives.

CMany times when people feel rejected they can become depressed. Once depressed life becomes very difficult. Fear can set in. The fear of trying anything because you cannot stand the thoughts of rejection can often drive people to alcohol or drugs.

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